Trends in video surveillance market development in 2014.


IHS has released a new forecast on development of video surveillance market for the year 2014. The special interest is aroused by possibility of crowdsourcing of video with its further processing and analyses. The good example of it was event on Boston marathon where huge data file from civil persons were gathered and processed.

From the sale promotion point of view the main products that draw attention will be panoramic 180/360 degree ip-cameras that have sufficiently proven themselves in sales as well as more global structures such as energetic, corporate sector, safe city. Also the attention to long existed on the market thermal cameras (thermal imager) will increase.

In addition, of course video analytics. Each year the possibilities of the systems for video analyses grow up as well as processing power of service station, which of course attract new clients.

Therefore, the main trends in video surveillance market development in 2014:

  • Video surveillance: Market dynamic in 2014
  • Big Data, Crowdsourcing of video surveillance and social media analytics
  • Clouds video surveillance spreads in China
  • Thermal imager – new old Hit at the market
  • Panoramic Fish Eye ip-cameras
  • Power through Ethernet, where to go?
  • Video analytics, how the market will further develop
  • Sound as a necessity.

1. Video surveillance: Market dynamic in 2014

HIS makes the analyses of CCTV market more than ten years. During that time, the sector represents huge growth. In some years the growth achieves twice size. And 2014 will not an exemption, global market of video surveillance systems will show about 12% growth.

2. Big Data, Crowdsourcing of video surveillance and social media analytics

General popularity in smart systems with cameras and internet connection in conjunction with different social media applications such as Vine and Instagram, allows law-and-order services to receive video data from usual citizens and then provide analyses, that give the possibilities quickly react to events.

3. Clouds video surveillance spreads in China

In China clouds archive of video data becomes more and more popular in China. In connection with telecommunication infrastructure development as well as increase of net infrastructure capacity and decrease of prices on ip-systems, clouds technology attracts more and more clients.

4. Thermal imager – new old hit at the market.

Thermal cameras exist during a long period at the market. However, until the recently they staid prerogative of military and big corporate clients. Today, thanks to improvement of technology and decrease of prices on these products, they maybe will not be a mass phenomenon but definitely show significant growth.

5. Panoramic Fish Eye ip-cameras

Accordingly to the forecasts, panoramic 180/360 degrees ip-cameras become one of the best product in 2014. The growth of their sales could achieve 60%. The main clients will be casinos, airports, retail, where the full coverage of big places is necessary.

6. Power through Ethernet, where to go?

As far as the passage from analogue to digital video surveillance is continuing, more and more attention is drawn on attendant infrastructure and one of the main its component is support of power for net systems. The latest events with standard PoE make such technology more and more attractive. The key producers transfer all their ip-cameras on such standard support. For more power-consuming models with heating and powerful IR lighting standard PoE+ will be included. So support of PoE for all types of cameras will become a new standard in the sector.

7. Video analytics, how the market will further develop

For some time the producers of program software for ip – video surveillance systems provides video analytics functions free of charge together with its equipment and basic program software. Whether the video analytic market will exist or this program software will be provided free of charge? Most likely that producers will not take money for basic video analytics systems and systems for small quantity of cameras. If there is large allocated security system that includes a huge quantity of cameras, the video analytics function will stay paid. The same will be for innovation algorithms and video analytics functions.

8. Sound as a necessity

More than 70% ip-cameras that were sold in 2013 provided one-side and two-side audio recording. In 2014 such tendency become stronger and the possibility to put audio optic on video will become one more obligatory requirement for ip-cameras.

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